What professionals say about the Narrative Model

Quotes from staff in an Adoption Team:


"I am delighted to say that I have found the principles of Narrative Training really useful in my everyday interactions with adoptive families. The training answered a lot of the questions I needed answered re the intervention with families and children and highlighted the importance of collaborative working between birth and adoptive families to help the child make sense of their past".


"In one particular case I have been able to follow the process right through with a family to the great benefit of the child concerned who now feels she has a much more honest and open relationship with the adults in her life and who now understands the reasons why she came into care much better. She had been receiving conflicting messages from her birth parents during her years of contact with them since her adoption and now has a strong sense of where she stands emotionally with the facts of her early life experiences".




Quotes from staff in a Fostering Service:


“Foster children and young people need to have an age-appropriate understanding of their often highly complex circumstances and the Narrative Model training was presented in a clear and logical manner so that I was able to put it into practice after the day’s training! It’s an essential tool for all social workers in family placement”

Bronwen Curry, (Senior Practitioner Social Worker) Barnardos Professional Fostering Service, NI


"Since [being trained in this model] team members really embraced this method of working with children in foster care and are actively using the model in their work with children placed through the service and their foster carers. Outcomes have been amazing and we have witnessed children confidently sharing their story with their short break carers, for example, and noted how much more they have been freed up to invest in their long term placements as a result"


Priscilla McLoughlin

Practice Manager, Barnardos Fosterning NI





Quotes from staff in a Specialist Assessment and Intervention Service:


We completed two day’s training in the Narrative Model delivered by Psychological Pathways.  The training was very much tailored to suit our specific service and was entirely relevant to the children we work with.


We considered the Narrative Model readily lent itself to enabling a conversation to begin with children to help them understand the very sensitive issues and dynamics surrounding sexual abuse.  We felt the Model provided a template which could be built upon to respond to the child’s needs and developmental stage as appropriate.


We felt the establishment of the network was a valuable resource to ensure that complex, often taboo information was aired and this process allowed varying views to be heard within a supportive atmosphere".


Ms. A. Morrison

Manager – Child Care Centre, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust - a service specialising in investigating allegations of sexual abuse and therapeutic intervention with families for same.



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