Professional Services

This section is for Social Workers and other professionals who wish to know more about contracting Psychological Pathways to work with a family known to Social Services.

How do I make a referral:

To make a referral please email:

What happens at an Initial Consultation?

Usually, we begin all our work with a consultation with the Social Worker and others within the professional network (as advised by the Social Worker). Consultation is helpful in that it provides an opportunity to:

  • Test our understanding of the issues described within background reports
  • Seek answers to any questions that have arisen in the course of our reading
  • Get an update on the family circumstances
  • Hear the views of the various professionals within the network about what they believe is in the best interests of the family
  • Discuss the options for therapeutic intervention in this case
  • Generate a formulation or shared understanding of the issues and identify how best to proceed

    Our Clinician will keep a record of the meeting and provide a brief note of the key outcomes. Therapeutic intervention can be with:

    • The child/young person
    • The child/young person and their parent
    • The caregivers
    • Systemic

    Typical Interventions we provide include: 

    • Improving the parents capacity to collaborate with Social Services in the best interests of the children
    • Motivational Interviewing work with parents
    • Improving parental emotional sensitivity and attunement to their child(ren)
    • Helping adults better support children through challenging conversations (see narrative model)
    • Helping adults support children with transitions (from short term to long term care/adoption)
    • Improving the quality of access/contact between children and their families
    • Supporting children in the context of high conflict parenting post-separation
    • Therapeutic Parenting work with Foster carers

      Upon completion of our work any additional pieces of work outside of the original contract, for example, attendance at meetings or staff liaison, will need to be re-contracted.